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Michael Dash | President and CEO of Parallel HR Solutions Inc.

Dash expresses his enthusiasm for companies that are relocating or expanding their businesses to Utah for opportunities in growth, economics, and talent.

Regarding the City of New York, Frank Sinatra once sang, “If I make it there, I can make it anywhere.” The ambition expressed in these lyrics has carried well into the 21st century as the Big Apple cements its reputation as starting ground for entrepreneurs both young and old.

But here’s the thing about New York— it’s fully deserving of the other monikers citizens have bestowed upon her, including “the city that never sleeps.” The hustle and bustle may be exciting to some, but the truth is that your call can often be drowned out in a sea of sound. Yours isn’t the only business there, and there is a lot of buzz to compete with.

So, what’s a entrepreneur with a big idea to do?

Follow the lead of Michael Dash and take it to Utah.

After a business trip the Beehive state, Dash realized that he wanted to pursue a business venture that would take in right into the staffing industry. While kicking around ideas for an agency, a contact he met during that trip to Utah reached out and expressed interest in leaping into a business plan. In what proved to be an opportunity too good to pass up, Parallel HR Solutions was born.

In a move reminiscent of the enterprising frontiersmen of the 19th century, Dash moved westward— from a bustling east coast metropolis to a solid business opportunity in Salt Lake City. But why there? At first glance, it doesn’t have the competitive atmosphere of a New York or the futuristic tilt of a San Francisco. And that’s because it doesn’t need it. The large mountain town is an entrepreneurial tabula rasa— by having no pretensions, a nascent business can grow organically and focus on what really matters. In fact, Salt Lake City brings several things to the table that make it an attractive option for many companies.

Writing for Fast Company, Laura Rich broke down the allure of Salt Lake City into two main components:

  • The cost of living is much more affordable than that of large coastal cities more traditionally associated with tech.
  • The presence of the LDS means a large population of missionaries that have recently returned from their trips. That admittedly doesn’t seem like much, until you realize the multilingual capacities of some of these missionaries. It’s any company’s dream.

Other companies like Netflix have also taken this cue and expanded into the city as well, turning it into a tech and startup hub in its own right. Michael Dash realized the potential gains from this opportunity and threw his hat into the ring. And by the look of things, it’s going to stay there for quite a while.