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Michael Dash Parallel HR

Yet another new co-working space is coming to Salt Lake City.

The opening of a number of new co-working spaces in Salt Lake City lends further credence to what residents of this city have been noticing for years: Utah is shaping up to become the next hotbed of tech innovation. The newest space in town, which is called Salt Mine, is a 9,000 square foot workspace in Downtown Salt Lake City that will offer both collaborative and private office options for rent, catering to a new generation of freelancers, entrepreneurs and developers who are seeking the experience of working in an office with full amenities and the camaraderie that working side-by-side fosters, but do not have the time or money to build out their own office out from scratch.

Founded by a man named David Edmunds, Salt Mine will feature an event venue large enough to accommodate 200 people, 8 dedicated conference rooms, training rooms for labs and instruction and almost as many full offices (17) as rentable desks (20) – and all of them will adhere to the Salt Mine aesthetic brand, which is modern and industrial but features nods to Salt Lake City’s past as a mining town.

The abundance of coworking options in Utah is reflective of the shift towards technology and innovation that we’ve been seeing in Salt Lake City over the past few years, which has earned this city the nickname “Silicon Slopes.” Drawing on a global trend towards shared office spaces, Edmunds is clearly hoping to position Salt Mine not only as a landlord, but also as a tool for community building. In an interview with, he stated that, “People are their most productive when they’re in a great environment, and so [Salt Mine has] tried to deliver that great environment.” If the company’s specs and website are anything to go by, we think Edmunds might have succeeded in doing just this, and we look forward to see the collaborations and innovations that Salt Mine – and all of the other fascinating coworking spaces in this region –  will give rise to in the future.